Friday, February 25, 2005

Bear with me!

I hate to see that blank expression of boredom on the faces of the people with whom I’m talking. It has always been that way my whole life.

I don’t know if they are unable to understand my words or what I’m talking about….or whether I fail to put my thoughts in proper words …..or what I speak is higher than their level of understanding (please don’t mind this egocentric opinion).

Whatever is the case, I end up promising myself every time that I’ll never open my mouth again. But, promises are made to be broken…and the history repeats itself. Sometimes, I wait till I’m sure the person is capable of listening to me or at least ready to do so.

That’s why I keep quiet….I don’t have the right person to talk to. This creates an illusion in the people’s mind that I’m very calm, patient, studious, blah..blah..blah…

Once Ashutosh Rana (Bollywood actor…he usually plays the villain) was asked why he always speaks in Hindi. He replied that one should speak in the language in which he thinks.

I still can’t figure out in what language I think…coz I don’t think in words …in think in pictures…any experience gets recorded as a video in my head. And actors in that movie clip speak the same language as they do in the real life…e.g., if the incident were at college then they would speak in English or would never get dubbed in my mother tongue (Sourashtra)…also, no subtitles.

That’s why you could hear more of explanation of the background situation than the real incident in my conversation, which transforms it into the ultimate lullaby!
I try to explain or put what I see in my head into words, trying to relive the whole experience as well as trying to paint the whole picture before the other person’s eyes (coz that’s how I listen to and understand others…converting the words into a motion picture) . …and there… I find the person’s eyes watering, putting his best efforts to control his yawn.

The worst situation is when my jokes fall flat on their faces, bouncing off them and hitting me hard! OUCH!!! That really hurts!

My brain is a Theatre…I just sit there munching popcorn, watching the latest releases as well as the classics of my memories on the?? mm. Screen( I don’t know the size of my mind’s display screen) through the projector ( my mind’s eye).

I wish I could invite you all to watch my movies (I play the lead in every movie!!!). But, until someone invents a gadget that can convert the electrical impulses of the neurons into the electrical signals of video…you are destined to bear with my boring stories and me.


Anonymous said...

hey lady
I am the guy who called u brain dead. This blog(bare with me) abt you is cool.
but i still think you have hired somebody like salman rushdie or arundhathi roy coz you
don't sound like this at all in person. At times , I have seriously thought you are suffering
from Global aphasia.

you have written that whenever you say a joke it falls flat hmmm... let me god
u haven't told me one joke in this four years. you have always talked in mono syllables.

i am telling you something seriously, people will find nothing interesting if they cannot
relate with it.

everybody thinks in pictures only but they compress it while converting them into data ,keeping
only the most essential (I mean speaking). Its tough transfering an uncompressed file. So i think
you shuld stop ur descriptions while talking.

keep guessing me.

Anonymous said...


When is your next release??