Sunday, February 13, 2005

Learning from the Nature

I was reading “The Da Vinci Code”.
There’s this concept of Nature worship.
I’m now slowly realizing why people worship nature…and I fear I may turn into a Nature worshipper in the near future.

We have a small garden in the backyard of our house. The tomato plant has yielded about three small basketsful of tomatoes.
A tomato plant can yield only tomatoes! So …what’s the big deal!?

A rotten tomato has now transformed into a huge tomato manufacturing plant.
Moral of the story…we can use the rotten tomatoes in many ways, for instance,
Shoot a few of them at the people you hate…or
The simplest way… work every muscle in your face to show your disgust at the ‘fragrance’, make some eerie sounds displaying the talents hidden in your voice box and run at your top speed, with the “thing” dangling dangerously between your thumb and index finger, to the nearest garbage bin.

But, squeeze it in a patch of moist ground …. Lo and Behold! A new life creeping out of the Mother Nature’s womb.

Going onto the next level of philosophy..Everything lies in your hands ….you are in total control of your life.
If you feel something is not right then you can MAKE it right ….think positive …see the sunrays peeping out through the clouds, not the black clouds. And who knows. …someday you will become a star shining into other people’s lives.

Another lesson I learnt from my garden is that some big things come in small packages.

There was this plant growing in a corner, its leaves looked like those of a radish but had yellow flowers. It had grown 2-3 feet tall. The beautiful yellow flowers reminded me of the “ sarson ka khet”. Only later I found that it was indeed a mustard plant.

No one would ever believe that one teeny-weeny seed could be hiding a plant as big as this.

We human beings are very similar to this mustard seed. There are so many dreams, ambitions ….one lively spirit inside this physical body that many of us don’t even care to see or listen to. And also it depends on the environment that we live in that decides our fate. …whether it can create an atmosphere where every latent talent( see the wordplay?) is woken from its slumber or dies with the seed, unrecognized.

I once saw a poster at a departmental store…it said to listen ..listen to the world around you…every little thing has something to say…listen to the breeze the silence ..listen to them and you will get answers to all your questions.

Try it!

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EnigmaVirgo said...

thats a nice observation/philosophy!