Sunday, February 13, 2005

Two of a kind!

Yesterday, when I was surfing the T.V channels I caught a glimpse of this song featuring Sharmila Tagore and Shammi Kapoor. That one scene was enough for me to guess the movie’s name though I had never watched it before----An evening in Paris. The movie was being aired on that channel as part of the Valentine’s Day week celebration.

Now what’s so special about this movie????

Well…. the heroine’s name is Deepa!!!

This is the first movie I have ever seen in my life where the female lead’s name is Deepa. I was thrilled to hear every character in this movie calling out my name…mmmmmm…it was like honey to my ears…..!

The villain (played by Pran) switches the original Sharmila with her twin sis which our ‘ever clever- ever smart’ hero finds out eventually.

Hey!!! That rings a bell in my head…

I always wondered if someone like me was around creating confusion in people’s minds about me…. that she does all the things for which I am blamed. Creepy!

I got into a BIG trouble in my first year at college for doing some imaginary mischief that I wouldn’t even think of in my wildest dreams. My classmates too couldn’t believe me being accused of such a thing. Those who know about it will understand.

For the others, I will tell that story some other time.

A lecturer asked me if I had a sister who had studied here in this college.

A junior of mine said that she knows a girl who looks just like me.

They say there are totally seven people in this world who look like each other…in other words, there are 7 copies of the same object probably in different memory spaces…. and no object knows the existence of its copy elsewhere (refer OOPS to know more about objects).

That makes me think ….. the world’s population is then 7 times of what it actually should be. Genius!!!

O.k. . Till I find a way to find our natural clones keep watching this space to ponder over the mysteries our Universe has to offer us through my blogs...!


Anonymous said...

Bravo amazing stuff lady.
I never ever imagined that u could think so much. All these days i thought u were brain dead but after i read what u have written i am flabbergasted .

you have earned urself an ardent reader lady. continue the good work. and by the way keep guessing my name.

Anonymous said...

Wow Deeps!!!! That's wow stuff... After meen's told me that u started blogging, i expected a blog. THis is awesome. Keep up the gud work gal... And, guess my name toooooo!!!:D

Deepa said...

I THANK YOU all for spending your time reading my blog..
I would be a more glad to know who has enjoyed reading my blogs..
And don think I cannot find u ppl out...your words tell( or should I say 'scream' ) a lot about your personality...

PS: Please mention ur name the next time....

Shrinivas said...

Hey Deep,

I expected such a weird article frm u when i got ur blog id ha.. ha .....It seems u dint mention ur another bizzare ability of turning a dream into a prize winning fiction.

Anonymous said...

what a blog!! scintillating...i had always been pushed to the limits of boredom whenever i had tried taking a sneaky peek into the blogs of my pals...of all the stuff, the one which infuriates me is the usage of instant-messaging slangs even in blogs.. But when i read these blogs of ur's deepa, i was escalated into a virtual world where thoughts held the reins tied to words..!! and you've proved that you are a cut above the rest!! bravo senorita!!