Friday, December 30, 2005

Time for a new Beginning

What a year it has been…2005!

All the World is a Stage…and my world was no different. This was the year when I was playing one role in its beginning and a completely different one in its end.

There are some similarities as well as differences, as is true just like the two faces of the same coin in every issue, in the two roles.

A student in one end (or beginning) of the year and a software professional at the other.

In Jan, 2005- My friend and I were worried about our final year project and even now I am anxious about my project (not of the final yr.).

I celebrated the New Year in Chennai then and now gonna celebrate in Bangalore.

I met so many new people in the past 365 days. Had new experiences, some good and some bad.

Traveled to some beautiful places.

Learnt many lessons of life.

Started blogging.

Got new friends…missed some … lost some....had a reunion with some old ones.

Realized that people who talk non-stop (like VA, PV and MM) do exist on this planet.

Cried sometimes and laughed at other times.

My experiences reinforced some of my beliefs and shattered some.

Got back to my hobby of reading books and bought some really good ones.

Joined MENSA.

Yeah…how could I forget? Met with an accident too… and broke my tooth.

Did some serious thinking about my future….and later realized that whatever has to happen will happen and nothing can stop it.

Everything that happens around me echoes the same thing- Everything happens for a reason and happens for the good….that one thing leads to another like a chain reaction, like dominoes.

Well, another year coming to an end. Another word or a line or a page or a chapter or sometimes even a book, as the case may be, in the life of every person.

And I don’t believe in “New Year Resolutions”. ‘Coz there’s no wrong time to do the right thing.

Hope at least the year 2006 is more peaceful without the cyclones, earthquakes, heavy rains and the wrath of Mother Nature in any form.

Wishing every one of you a very Happy New Year 2006!!!