Friday, October 14, 2005

Life was beautiful...

I never thought that the beauty of life would be only skin deep…that the day when all good things pass by us like a breeze only to bring cold winds behind, would come so soon.

It was the day when one of my friends left us all to trudge along the path of life while he took the road to the Almighty.

For the first time in my life I am experiencing the loss of someone so close that all the laws of life and death that we thought were meant for the rest of the world and not for us, seemed to be forced upon us.

I am still not able to accept the fact that I won’t be able see him anymore. I feel as if he has gone to some far off place where he would surely return from at some point in time, may be not soon enough but the hope that he will return is still alive.

He is goodness personified. He is a very quiet boy, not talkative but still is a good company.
I still remember last Friday evening when I took his picture in a camera mobile. There was certain tranquility on his face in the pic and he looked more handsome than ever.

I was reading "The Alchemist" that day. Everything that was mentioned about omens seemed to be very true after I heard the news.

On Friday,something kept repeating in my head to tell them to be careful while driving. Even before I knew about it, the thought of being posted away from my good friends I made here in just 2 months and missing them all, made me cry. Even when I slept that night, there were tears in my eyes. Only then did I come to know about him.

So many things that we brush off from our minds that we think don’t make any sense at all seemed to be so true.8th of October- the fateful number 8- the number that has more disasters and tragedies associated with it than just any other number. Tsunami on 26th Dec., Earthquake on 26th Jan , I met with an accident on 26th March and the earthquake on 8th Oct....

Many people commented that I’ll soon have bad experiences in Bangalore. But, never did I even imagine that it would be this bad.

Anyway, I still believe that "This too shall pass".