Friday, February 25, 2005



We all must have felt bored or at least bored others sometime or the other. I’ve heard it too often lately.

My life is booooorrrrriiiiiiing! I’m bored of getting bored .It seems my cousin too gets bored every time.

I wonder how the word ‘bore’ came to mean dullness…

Maybe because when you are dull, you think of nothing. … nothing at all. Even if you do think of something, you don’t even know you are thinking about it…know what I mean? You enter a state of mind where there is a very thin line between consciousness and unconsciousness…. you easily drift between the two …

You keep looking at something and not see it at all…your eyes open wider, pupils dilate….your vision actually bores into the things that are right before you….there! Got the B-word? That’s the reason why that feeling is called Boredom(as in ‘kingdom’-country where the king or the queen rules), the state of mind ruled by the action of boring your eyes through everything in your field of vision.

A few suggestions to fight boredom ….

Read my blog!!! (Hey…stop rolling your eyes and making faces like that!).

Close your eyes and go down the memory lane (I’m sure we’re experts at doing that even with our eyes wide open).
Warning: Do this at your own risk…coz if you get into your funny experiences of the past and start smiling alone, people’s behavior towards you may change drastically.

Go to sleep and dream. I can say one thing for sure….. Dreams will never bore you.( In the future , you will read a lot about the dreams I have had. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of creating a blog exclusively for posting all my dreams).
Pray to God to make your life exciting…Believe me! It really works!!!

Now, I’m getting bored of all this boring stuff about boring… YAWN!!

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The Constant Variable said...

Cud not stop smiling at this...nice one...was getting bored and was reading all ur old blogs, also...and u had written abt "boring".