Friday, February 25, 2005

Bear with me!

I hate to see that blank expression of boredom on the faces of the people with whom I’m talking. It has always been that way my whole life.

I don’t know if they are unable to understand my words or what I’m talking about….or whether I fail to put my thoughts in proper words …..or what I speak is higher than their level of understanding (please don’t mind this egocentric opinion).

Whatever is the case, I end up promising myself every time that I’ll never open my mouth again. But, promises are made to be broken…and the history repeats itself. Sometimes, I wait till I’m sure the person is capable of listening to me or at least ready to do so.

That’s why I keep quiet….I don’t have the right person to talk to. This creates an illusion in the people’s mind that I’m very calm, patient, studious, blah..blah..blah…

Once Ashutosh Rana (Bollywood actor…he usually plays the villain) was asked why he always speaks in Hindi. He replied that one should speak in the language in which he thinks.

I still can’t figure out in what language I think…coz I don’t think in words …in think in pictures…any experience gets recorded as a video in my head. And actors in that movie clip speak the same language as they do in the real life…e.g., if the incident were at college then they would speak in English or would never get dubbed in my mother tongue (Sourashtra)…also, no subtitles.

That’s why you could hear more of explanation of the background situation than the real incident in my conversation, which transforms it into the ultimate lullaby!
I try to explain or put what I see in my head into words, trying to relive the whole experience as well as trying to paint the whole picture before the other person’s eyes (coz that’s how I listen to and understand others…converting the words into a motion picture) . …and there… I find the person’s eyes watering, putting his best efforts to control his yawn.

The worst situation is when my jokes fall flat on their faces, bouncing off them and hitting me hard! OUCH!!! That really hurts!

My brain is a Theatre…I just sit there munching popcorn, watching the latest releases as well as the classics of my memories on the?? mm. Screen( I don’t know the size of my mind’s display screen) through the projector ( my mind’s eye).

I wish I could invite you all to watch my movies (I play the lead in every movie!!!). But, until someone invents a gadget that can convert the electrical impulses of the neurons into the electrical signals of video…you are destined to bear with my boring stories and me.



We all must have felt bored or at least bored others sometime or the other. I’ve heard it too often lately.

My life is booooorrrrriiiiiiing! I’m bored of getting bored .It seems my cousin too gets bored every time.

I wonder how the word ‘bore’ came to mean dullness…

Maybe because when you are dull, you think of nothing. … nothing at all. Even if you do think of something, you don’t even know you are thinking about it…know what I mean? You enter a state of mind where there is a very thin line between consciousness and unconsciousness…. you easily drift between the two …

You keep looking at something and not see it at all…your eyes open wider, pupils dilate….your vision actually bores into the things that are right before you….there! Got the B-word? That’s the reason why that feeling is called Boredom(as in ‘kingdom’-country where the king or the queen rules), the state of mind ruled by the action of boring your eyes through everything in your field of vision.

A few suggestions to fight boredom ….

Read my blog!!! (Hey…stop rolling your eyes and making faces like that!).

Close your eyes and go down the memory lane (I’m sure we’re experts at doing that even with our eyes wide open).
Warning: Do this at your own risk…coz if you get into your funny experiences of the past and start smiling alone, people’s behavior towards you may change drastically.

Go to sleep and dream. I can say one thing for sure….. Dreams will never bore you.( In the future , you will read a lot about the dreams I have had. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of creating a blog exclusively for posting all my dreams).
Pray to God to make your life exciting…Believe me! It really works!!!

Now, I’m getting bored of all this boring stuff about boring… YAWN!!

Feeling Sick...

I’m feeling sick for the past few days ….I guess that’s because I was struck by the wrath of the Sun God.
I was drying my long, silky hair the natural way…. under the sun (very good for healthy hair), after a long time now (I used to postpone the half-hour, backbreaking ritual for the evenings).

I felt as if I was struck by a lightning ….I was feeling very cold, even in the 1 o’clock afternoon sun.
I don’t know about the others… but there are a few symptoms that I have observed before I usually go down with fever…
My body aches as if I’m suffering Atlas’s pain …

Every joint in my body creaks like the rusted hinges of an old, haunted house…

Burning eyes….

Once I even sensed hot air blowing out of my ears, making me feel like a steam engine (toot-toot!)…

Feeling tired even after a good sleep…

When I was a child, I used to catch cold so often that by now I must be immune to almost every possible form of the common cold virus(touch wood!).

Now, before you start pitying me for my not-so-good health record, let me reveal a fact.
Fever is not a sign of ill health…in fact; it shows how strong your body’s immune system is against the disease causing microorganisms. There is literally a “Clash of the Titans” (of the microbial world, of course) going on inside the body. This is the reason why the temperature gets hotter as the war gets more and more intense.

That means …I’ll just have to wait till my WBCA (White Blood Cells Army) return victorious.

Hey! I think I hear the Trumpets of Triumph…am gonna join the party!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Two of a kind!

Yesterday, when I was surfing the T.V channels I caught a glimpse of this song featuring Sharmila Tagore and Shammi Kapoor. That one scene was enough for me to guess the movie’s name though I had never watched it before----An evening in Paris. The movie was being aired on that channel as part of the Valentine’s Day week celebration.

Now what’s so special about this movie????

Well…. the heroine’s name is Deepa!!!

This is the first movie I have ever seen in my life where the female lead’s name is Deepa. I was thrilled to hear every character in this movie calling out my name…mmmmmm…it was like honey to my ears…..!

The villain (played by Pran) switches the original Sharmila with her twin sis which our ‘ever clever- ever smart’ hero finds out eventually.

Hey!!! That rings a bell in my head…

I always wondered if someone like me was around creating confusion in people’s minds about me…. that she does all the things for which I am blamed. Creepy!

I got into a BIG trouble in my first year at college for doing some imaginary mischief that I wouldn’t even think of in my wildest dreams. My classmates too couldn’t believe me being accused of such a thing. Those who know about it will understand.

For the others, I will tell that story some other time.

A lecturer asked me if I had a sister who had studied here in this college.

A junior of mine said that she knows a girl who looks just like me.

They say there are totally seven people in this world who look like each other…in other words, there are 7 copies of the same object probably in different memory spaces…. and no object knows the existence of its copy elsewhere (refer OOPS to know more about objects).

That makes me think ….. the world’s population is then 7 times of what it actually should be. Genius!!!

O.k. . Till I find a way to find our natural clones keep watching this space to ponder over the mysteries our Universe has to offer us through my blogs...!

Learning from the Nature

I was reading “The Da Vinci Code”.
There’s this concept of Nature worship.
I’m now slowly realizing why people worship nature…and I fear I may turn into a Nature worshipper in the near future.

We have a small garden in the backyard of our house. The tomato plant has yielded about three small basketsful of tomatoes.
A tomato plant can yield only tomatoes! So …what’s the big deal!?

A rotten tomato has now transformed into a huge tomato manufacturing plant.
Moral of the story…we can use the rotten tomatoes in many ways, for instance,
Shoot a few of them at the people you hate…or
The simplest way… work every muscle in your face to show your disgust at the ‘fragrance’, make some eerie sounds displaying the talents hidden in your voice box and run at your top speed, with the “thing” dangling dangerously between your thumb and index finger, to the nearest garbage bin.

But, squeeze it in a patch of moist ground …. Lo and Behold! A new life creeping out of the Mother Nature’s womb.

Going onto the next level of philosophy..Everything lies in your hands ….you are in total control of your life.
If you feel something is not right then you can MAKE it right ….think positive …see the sunrays peeping out through the clouds, not the black clouds. And who knows. …someday you will become a star shining into other people’s lives.

Another lesson I learnt from my garden is that some big things come in small packages.

There was this plant growing in a corner, its leaves looked like those of a radish but had yellow flowers. It had grown 2-3 feet tall. The beautiful yellow flowers reminded me of the “ sarson ka khet”. Only later I found that it was indeed a mustard plant.

No one would ever believe that one teeny-weeny seed could be hiding a plant as big as this.

We human beings are very similar to this mustard seed. There are so many dreams, ambitions ….one lively spirit inside this physical body that many of us don’t even care to see or listen to. And also it depends on the environment that we live in that decides our fate. …whether it can create an atmosphere where every latent talent( see the wordplay?) is woken from its slumber or dies with the seed, unrecognized.

I once saw a poster at a departmental store…it said to listen ..listen to the world around you…every little thing has something to say…listen to the breeze the silence ..listen to them and you will get answers to all your questions.

Try it!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank You Mini!

Hello and Welcome to my World!

Well...before I start my sermon I would like to thank Meenakshi for revealing to me the power of the blog world.

Power? If a blog could motivate a lazy person like me to get up and going to express my thoughts and myself the way they are…. then it could be called ‘the divine force’ or ‘the ultimate eye-opener’…

Not that I hadn’t heard of blogs. But it’s not until you see something up close and personal that you realize it’s significance.
I had created a blog long back, but didn’t quite know what to do with it.
I had felt the lack of a person who would listen to my silly, hi-fi and creative ideas and me, be as wacky and out-of-this-world as I am.
Some have their diaries as their confidante. But writing a diary is very boring, you lose out your interest by the time your pen’s nib touches the paper..and for a person like me it is a waste of time.
Also I need to take great care of keeping it safe from the prying eyes of my brother, which is an energy draining exercise in itself.

Now I have regained the motivation I had lost 4 years ago.

I wish you had told me about your blog earlier.

Your blog has inspired me to create one of my own .
Even the title of my blog is adapted from yours(“Here I am”)
…remember the Bryan Adams’ song

Here i am
this is me
there’s no where else on earth
i could possibly be….

It truly is a new world and a new start for me!