Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm Back

Hello! I’m back after a busy and hectic month…. not that it is the end of the financial year. But because it’s the end of our college days (sounds like Arnold’s End of Days? I think it is.).

Last month was very EVENTFUL…Trust me!

Let me give you the chronology of the events: -

Feb end-Mar first week I was suffering from Measles.
Mar 10-11 W -Campus Interview at AU.
Mar 14 Thanksgiving
Mar 19 Project Exhibition
Mar 21 Farewell at Kishkinta
Mar 23-24 TI –Campus Interview at AU
Mar 24-27 Tour
Apr 1-2 Model Exams

Mar 26-Present Recovery from the accident I met with on Mar-26…Oh no! Not that “number-8-and-its-catastrophic –effects” again!

Each event is eventful in itself. I’ll post the stories one by one in random order.

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Anonymous said...

Brain dead speaking :

wuts this? i expected a lot
where's your signature touch.
i mean those surreal creativity deepa.

NOTE : the adjective surreal is generally used for some thing irrational.but i don't mean wut u write as irrational, its just that i didn't get any other adjective