Thursday, November 24, 2005

Monday morning blues

It's another one of the "blue-blue-God-bless-you" Mondays. I switch on my computer and thoughtlessly browse My Documents folder and my eyes which were aimlessly wandering on the computer screen catch the name Paulo Coelho under a wordpad file icon. I think it would be another of Paulo Coelho's spirit lifting work. I open it out of curiosity. And the saying Curiosity kills the cat almost comes true 'coz that story's title is ' Veronika decides to die ',which was translated from Portuguese to English by Margaret Jull Costa.

The story is about Veronika, a 24 year old woman, who is tired of her boring and monotonous life and decides to kill herself by taking 4 packs of sleeping pills. But she is saved. After this it is natural to expect that she would find a new zest for life and start all over again to live the rest of her boring life to the fullest. I am disappointed by the way the story turns( well, the story isn't too long to have a turn), only leading her to strongly stick to her decision to die now rather than later in her life when she is older and has lived a tragic life.

What could be more depressing than reading this story on a Monday morning brightly lit with dullness?

Well, I do understand her boredom. But, killing yourself just because you can't find a way to kill time without you knowing that you are actually killing it is too dumb even to be categorized as dumb.

After a "spirit"-lifting read as this, I went about searching for online practice tests for GRE and universities which offer Computer Graphics and Games Technology courses.

Let's come to lighter things in life...

We all could successfully watch Lost on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, power went out just when it was only 15 minutes to end(after 2 hrs 45 min. of interrupted show ). Now we would have to wait till 1.45 a.m on this Friday night( early Saturday morning) to see what happened in the last 15 minutes.

I stumbled across two feel-good movies on the Hallmark channel-
' A boyfriend for Christmas ' - this movie is about a young girl who wishes for a boyfriend on a Christmas day and the Santa Claus promises her that her wish would come true when she is ready for one. Obviously, after some years, she meets her soulmate on a Christmas.

' Short Circuit II '- this movie is about a robot created by an Indian toy designer . The robot wants to be a part of the human society and has to face a lot of trouble to prove to people that it is indeed 'alive' like any other human being, complete with emotions.

My friend and roomie got 2 books with each having 4 different novels(condensed into one book) i.e., 8 novels in 2 books. This will keep my otherwise ' devil's workshop ' occupied for the next couple of months.I started with John Grisham's ' The Rainmaker ' in one of the books and could easily identify myself with the lead character Rudy Baylor. And I'm loving it!

Sometimes, I wish these fiction writers could try writing the boring text books we read during our college days in their style. Maybe then, the students need not struggle and the university results would be much better than now. Hmmm...wishful thinking!


sskb said...

Suicide is the perfect mixture of cowardness and courage..

Deepa said...

I would say suicide is only cowardice with the topping of not courage but foolhardiness.

VJ said...

I would say one will fully understand iff one was in the position of Veronika :-) After checking your blogs and reading a few reviews, I have started reading Coelho's The Alchemist. Though i donot believe in omens, the story is going on in an interesting way and the concept is good! Have a happy time with your books :-)

Susindar said...

"We encounter many unpleasant things in our life, they irritate us and they make us angry. Sometimes, they cause us a lot of hurt; sometimes they cause us to be bitter or jealous or maybe sometimes to take a decision of suicide. We are not willing to let them go away"
Forget the bitter things in life...
Live life happily......
Anyway, a very good mixture of educative blog........