Monday, November 07, 2005


This Diwali was the most boring of all the Diwalis I remember. We had gone to Madurai for the Diwali celebration. My cousins couldn't come and I was all alone with no one around to have fun with. And to make the boredom a bit less boring, I fell ill. Going to the doctor and buying medicines was relatively more entertaining than simply sitting at home and surfing channels.

I was actually waiting for the time when I would leave Madurai.

Well, now that I'm back here, everyday is just another cycle of events that happen during a week day... waiting for Friday evening.On Friday night, forgetting all about work for the next 2 days and waking out of a beautiful dream into another nightmarish Monday morning.

This weekend was a bit different...only a bit. We didn't miss "LOST" series on Star Movies on Saturday. On Sunday, my roomies and me went out to Pizza Hut for Lunch and had a good time there. Then we went out to a nearby park and went on a shooting spree...with a camera(obviously).

I bought another 2 books:-
Yann Martel's Life of Pi( Winner of Man Booker Prize 2002) and Jeffery Archer's Not a penny more, Not a penny less.
I have to start reading some serious stuff. But then, till I feel old enough to read something serious, I am gonna stick to the world of fiction.

And on Sunday night, my roomies celebrated my birthday with the ritual followed on every birthday...chocolate cake, candles , card, flowers and the sweet ' Happy Birthday ' song. It feels really nice that someone thinks about you and considers you special enough to celebrate your birthday.

I am now getting bored with this place and this kind of lifeless life. I think my boredom and loneliness that I thought I had left behind in Chennai is catching up with me. Either I should face it bravely( ...and yea without getting bored) or I should pack my bags and leave for a new place where I find everything so new that I keep myself occupied with exploring them.


Jagan said...

belated bday wishes :-)

Deepa said...

Thanks Jagan!

VJ said...

Hoping that you wont mind some stranger suggesting you something, your last idea seems to be good for tackling boredom. I have tried it a few times. Pack your bags on a weekend, take the public transport, goto a far away place where everything is new..people, place, language etc and no one knows you. Just be a passive observer of what everyone does. You will learn a lot about life and you will hopefully be more cheerful in taking the next week of routine work.

Deepa said...

Hi VJ really is a good and qualitative way of spending time ...for which u need to have money and the drive and vigour to start such a journey. Unfortunately I have neither.