Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yes, I’m addicted…to blogging. I simply cannot take it anymore!

My temptation to blog every time I pass by my computer is killing me.

It happens all the time with me. Whenever I start doing something interesting, which keeps me engaged for a long time, I cannot refrain myself from it. Scientists call this inertia (property of a matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or motion unless an external force is applied)… and I totally agree!

It happened when I started playing “Minesweeper”, ”Solitaire”,“The age of empires”, “Tomb Raider”, and now, history repeats its histrionics all over again, with blogging.
I am so obsessed with “words” that I pounce upon every crossword or jumbled words game I come across and make it my mission to solve it. I must have turned more pages of my Oxford dictionary than those of the TQM and ST textbooks.

I cannot concentrate on my studies… I take the TQM book and my mind is busy finding out ways to improve the looks of my blog and the quality of my posts, to improve my vocabulary so that I use the right word in the right place. Now the Little Oxford dictionary is replaced by a larger 1092 pages Pocket Oxford dictionary, which will soon be replaced by their momma (the gigantic 1673 pages) The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

I turn to ST and again, the words in the textbook are swept off by the twister of my thoughts of testing the search bar in my blog and removing all the bugs.


Yeah! Yeah! I know … my blog is not going to write the exam for me and I have the whole world’s time after May 2 to do whatever I want. But I am unable to control the reins of my wild-horse mind.

There are only two possible solutions to this problem… either take control of my mind by force (which I failed to) or give in to the temptation (which I successfully have).

Since an excess of something is bad, its goodness or badness is lost once we have tasted the excess and we don’t yearn for it anymore. I’m waiting for the moment when this urge to blog boils down, after it has reached its saturation point…Hope it comes right after I post this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

An electron releases its excess energy in the form of light as it jumps back to its original state from its excited one. Likewise, my chaotic mental energy comes out in this form as I struggle to return to my state of normalcy.


Anonymous said...

The thing with blogging is that previously,(read 2 years ago),only a select few had the previlige of being authors.Now,everyone with internet access can write stuff and even have readers.Its a dream come true for many.Maybe thats the reason for its allure.Whatsay?
Plus, the fact that this entry was posted at 2 AM confirms your addiction to blogging. :D

Vetti Guy said...

The previous comment was not meant to be anonymous.A small goof-up.

Deepa said...

Hi Mystic,

Actually,this entry was posted at 2:12 in the afternoon and the comment in ur blog was posted at 2:21 in the morning...and yes, I'm hopelessly in looooove with blogging... :)

Anonymous said...

brain dead here....
hey deepa i ve got a doubt "why the hell do you call a 1092 page book a pocket dictionary?"

Deepa said...

hi brain dead,

that was the name given on the dictionary cover....

DontheCat said...

Heheheh Deepa, I just realised that Blogging is so addictive that I decided to open an online Chapter of the Bloggers Non-Anonymous.:-)
And heck, I had to blog the Twelve Steps, cos it is my original :-)