Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This time, again, I was in Chennai to celebrate my birthday, last weekend.

The day was just like any other day, with the only difference that I got more calls than the number of calls put together in a whole year. In fact, my birthday is the only day when people call me. And I am thankful for that. At least they remember that someone called Deepa does exist in this world.

The crowning glory was that I was on roaming and the conversations were getting longer than usual ‘coz there was a lot to talk and get updates on things happening with each other.

My landline was out of order, as usual. My mom went to the office and my dad had some work outside, so I couldn’t give their number to receive the calls.

And everyone promised that they would call later. I’m still waiting for their calls. Hope they will remember to fulfill their promise before my birthday next year.

I was toying with the idea of postponing my Chennai trip considering the fact that it was raining heavily last week and also the forecast had predicted rains till Monday. But then, I thought lets take the risk - getting drenched in rain, catching cold and things like that. Mother Nature was very kind to me and kept the day time comparatively sunny and rain free, though I didn’t go out anywhere fearing sudden showers n messy roads.

And right when I was getting ready to leave, the Rain Gods starting shedding their precious tears, bidding me adieu… at least that’s how I consoled myself.

On Monday, I reached Bangalore by 4.45 a.m. only to find that the prepaid auto counter was closed. The auto drivers were having their own way asking 3 times the actual fare.

A few people like me were waiting in the queue, hoping the counter would open anytime.

Some auto drivers were even enacting a small drama, their style:
Driver 1: Hey, don’t you know the prepaid counter won’t open today?
Driver 2: Oh no! I didn’t know that…

Somehow I managed to get an auto and reached my PG around 5.15 a.m. Since the gate was locked, I had to call up Aunty to open the gate. Surprisingly, the auto driver waited and left only after someone came at the gate to open it.

I was confused if it was indeed a kind gesture on his part or was he trying to check if I really stayed there. Ghor Kalyug! Even if people were really good, we tend to suspect their intentions. I guess it is because such things are too good to be true these days.

There was another surprise waiting for me in my room. My roomies gifted me with a beautiful watch and a cute little pen stand with a teddy hugging it tightly. I have placed the teddy stand on my desk at office. I found it as the perfect place to keep my good old mobile.

And the watch… hope my good times have started!!!


Anonymous said...

Belated b'day wishes !

Y again !

Deepa said...

Thanks a lot, Y!!!
I think I know who u are..

Anonymous said...

ho ! thats g8 ... Y not Y again

Sen said...

Hello Deepa Belated B'Day wishes


Anonymous said...

belated - Uje dinnu nadhinin (b day wishes)


Shrinivas said...

Funny lines.....

In fact, my birthday is the only day when people call me.

I’m still waiting for their calls.

Deepa said...

@ Sen n Anonymous

Thank you!!!

@ Shrinivas

hmm.. know wat, Srini?

one man's tragedy is another man's entertainment.. very true...

Anent Prakash said...

Deepa, Great to know that you enjoyed UR Day...
Keep up the +ve sprit.
Good time be there with you always... :)

Hemalatha said...

Hello Deepa,

I enjoyed reading ur blog. And a too belated birthday wishes.

crsathish said...

belated birthday wishes deepa.

Anonymous said...


Belated B'day wishes! Have you tried writing Short stories..Novels..? I bet you will be a shining star!

Hope you can recognise me!


Deepa said...

@ Anent, Hemalatha, Sathish and Vignesh

Thanks a lot!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy living!

Anonymous said...

it was really nice to read your blog on a cloudy sunday afternoon.keep writing.


Deepa said...

Thanks Sud!

u still blog?

Sud said...

Yeah deepa but not very often..

CM-Chap said...

Hi Deepa,

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes. Hope you have a wonderful time from now on...since you got a new watch....