Sunday, June 25, 2006

My experiments with Sports.

Sports and I are poles apart. The only day in my school when my heart clangs like huge cymbals with fear is on the Sports Day.

I don’t remember what kind of events I used to participate when I was a kid. But the day when I played kho-kho when I was in fifth std. is still clear as a bright sunny day in my memory.

It is really funny when I think of it now.

People assume that I can run just because I’m tall. And the next moment I find myself amidst a group of girls and boys, full of team spirit, shouting and screaming and cheering their teams. Well, I didn’t know the rules of the game. And even when I enquired, I was told that if I run and give kho to a team member to catch the opponent team member, that would be good enough.
And I thought that, when I’m running, the sole responsibility of catching the opponent was on my shoulders and I had to do my best to catch her. I forgot the ‘kho-giving’ part. So, I ended up running between poles, as the girls from the other team kept hopping from one side to another and the girls from my team begging me to give them kho. And I would give in, giving kho to any girl who has been requesting for a long time.

Obviously, we didn’t win that match. But before you think I was a loser, let me tell you, we did win the junior level kho-kho match. Because, by then I understood that giving kho would help me prevent wasting my energy unnecessarily. The first prize certificate laminated with pride lies safely in my folder now.

In my later school years, I would escape somehow from participating in kho-kho. The screaming of girls and the sizzling heat of enthusiasm freaks me out and I just can’t stand there with my heart ticking like a time bomb, as if it is going to burst any moment if I don’t leave that place immediately.

Another sports day I remember is when I was in my 12th std. It was the 1500 mts. race.
I was in the Diamond house. When the race was about to begin, we found that there was no participant from our house. In order to save the grace of our house, my friend and I participated in it. We didn’t aim to win. Participation is all that matters. With that spirit, we entered the race. And the worst part is, I lost count of how many laps I had completed. I still wonder if I had run an extra lap and hence lost the race and my shoe( which tore at the end of the race).

The only thing that consoled me was that I ran 1500 mts. and did manage to complete the race. And that was the first time I was running in a race. Not bad, huh?


shobana sukumar said...

Good good...even i remember the khokho game that we played and the certificate is still there....haha same is the case with me where sports and my self are miles apart.....

Jagan said...

u complete 1.5km ..kewl ..

Deepa said...


Ha ha.. can't stop laughing when i think about the game now. Remember? we got blisters on our soles running in that hot ground?
seemed like a mark of a true sportsperson..


yea.. sometimes I surprise myself doing things which I don't usually.. esp. during such situations like the one I mentioned in the post.

crsathish said...

1500 mt is kool. 15 minutes in thread mill is sucking out ounty and pilchar here...

arbit said...

I remember participating in a 1500m race at school and unfortunately dint finish it..but the memory remains..yep participation is definitely importatnt, even if you aren't good at stuff.

pushkala said...

awesome one yar!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I was browsing through the blogspot website, and came across your blog, I've read most of your blog, and I must say you have a wonderful writing skills, looking forward to reading your blog.


Deepa said...


Good.. if u want a sound mind in a Healthy body..u have to do it...


agree with u.. :)

@ Pushkala n Senthil

Thanks a lot!!!