Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine’s day

Come another Feb.14… another excuse to celebrate “love”.

Everyone who has a boyfriend/girlfriend seems to have their day full of plans except us singles.

But more than the celebration plans, what keeps most of the people more occupied is what colour dress to wear. The reason being, every colour has a meaning which signals the opposite sex in what stage of love they are in.

The colour code may sound similar to that of the colour code for resistors, but in this dress code, each colour has a meaning that varies from place to place.

Black- Love Failure/ Rejected a proposal/Against love
Red- Committed/In love
Yellow-Friendship forever
Green- Ready to accept a proposal/Still a Single-anyone can propose to me
Blue-Still Single
White-Making peace with bf/gf after a quarrel
Pink-Crush on someone

All the other colours, it seems, scream out loud,” All are my brothers and sisters”.

Well, this colour scheme was something everyone mandatorily followed when in college (we were so jobless), only to save themselves from the situations where others misunderstood them and proposed to them (or even other way round as in, the person not proposing someone thinking he/she is already committed to someone else).

Every year, on the eve of the Feb.14, people would be busy discussing which colour dress to wear and not to wear as the meaning of the colours keep changing every year (God knows who decides this code). Some friends even plan to wear the same colour that day.

One Valentine’s day, we friends at hostel wore yellow coloured dress to symbolize friendship. Someone even commented we all looked like a group of “Saamiyaars”(we 8 friends were moving around together) which means Sadhus or Saints.

I was happy to find that in office there’s not much hullabaloo over this “just another day”(as is expected in a world of grown ups).

But, I was surprised to find that most people in Bangalore turned out in pinks and greens. If all this theory about the colour code is assumed to be true, then this city has a real problem at hand, with every other person having a crush on someone and the others waiting for someone to propose to them. No wonder then, that Bangalore Times (which has more ads than real/useful news) always has a special focus on relationships with all those articles, which are nothing but crap.


Jagan said...

i didnt realize tht colors had meanings . I wore a black -shirt and blue jeans ..hope it didnt put off any "proposals" ..:-))

ne enna potta ?

£££ said...

Love is just a chemical reaction which suprisingly turns out to be the strongest 'bonding' in human life. I would say white is the actual color for love, after all , sacrifice & confidence is the base for love.
Deepa, being in a 'grown up' world, it should have been just another day for you.. Been at office till 9 PM?
What was special on the day other than receiving few 'HVD' forward mails ..?

Deepa said...

@ Jagan

Oh! You must have broken someone's heart,u know... :(

I don't care about what colour I wear. This time I happened to wear kinda cream color... I dint want to go against the pledge that I have been taking ever since my school days... "All Indians are my brothers and sisters..." :P


Nothing special...I was stuck with my bf the whole day as usual... and know wat! He happens to be a very diligent,efficient and with such an ability to process information that no other human can boast to posses... my computer!

Anonymous said...

As a mark of protest to all these(even am single) and to avoid any confusion about the colours we have to avoid wearing anything on 14th...I know it might sound gross,but we have express our concerns in a fiery way so that people do take notice of what we intend to I sound convincing???....first time here...nice blog..keep it down..

Deepa said...

@ anonymous

What to wear on Feb.14 is such a trivial matter before the real life problems ... don't waste ur youthful energy( I assume u r young ... going by the fact that ur still a single) on protesting for such things.

Thanks for dropping by... Keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

If u think it is trivial...then I feel u shud not be wasting time and ur youthful energy(I assume u too r young and by the fact from ur previous posts..u r single)making such posts which has no meaning!!

And another thing...dont u say that the special focus on relationship in Bangalore times is all crap..u r single coz u did not find the right guy..or may be none of the guys were interested in u..its simple..that doesnt mean that facts about relationships r crap!!

Hope u get get dont repeat such mistakes swt hrt...

U r sure to visit this blog again...

Deepa said...

@ anonymous

Take a break dude!

you have got me as wrong as ever possible... read ur comment slowly once and more times if u want..and u'll see clearly who's wasting energy... talking about trivial things is one thing( trivial as u believe) and protesting against those trivial things is a completely different matter( more trivial..).

I guess you haven't read any of the Bangalore Times articles on relationships... i said the articles were crap.. not the issues as such.

And don't get things personal... I too can ask you the same question...but I won't coz of maintaining decency in my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the comments,I regret for it,sorry everybody..
I will c that I dont repeat them in future..

Deepa said...

@ anonymous

Thanks for your apology, anonymous... that was very nice of you.