Friday, April 21, 2006

Teenage life!

It is always a time for laughter and cheerfulness when I am at my aunt’s home. My 11-year-old cousin is the source of amusement and I keep giggling at everything she says or does.

The other day when I had been there, my aunt and mom had gone for shopping and we both were alone at home. We were getting bored, so I asked her to tell about her class.

She thought for sometime and exclaimed,” Yea! I will tell you this incident.” and continued,” There is this girl in my class. One day she asked a boy, who was absent for some days, ‘Why were you absent for so many days. Are you feeling fine?’ to which the boy replied sadly,’ No, I’m not feeling fine.’
The girl innocently asked,’ Why da? What happened?’
The boy said,’ Every night you come in my dream and tell I love you. That’s why.’”

I burst out laughing and wanted to know what happened after that.

It seems the girl gave one tight slap on the poor boy’s cheeks and the entire class started laughing at him. And the young Romeo started crying.

My cousin went on to narrate another incident that happened in her class on the Valentine’s Day. A boy had brought a red rose that day. During the lunch break, he called a girl to tell her something. Curious, she and her gang of friends went near him to know why he was calling her. The boy gave her the rose and said, ’I love you’.

I wanted to know how this girl reacted to it. It seems this girl burst into tears.

My cousin’s opinion: What the first girl did was right. That boy deserved the slap!

Her neighbour who is just one year older to her, seems to be learning to see the world through rose tinted glasses at this young age. She has begun to realize that ‘ Love is great!’. I really don’t understand what makes her say that, but it seems she has told my cousins that she feels like falling in love with every other guy she meets.

Such things did happen in my class too when I was their age. It started around the time we were in the 7th std. Once, a girl confessed her love to a boy only to get blasted by him. A few months later, she asked for another boy’s heart on his birthday. It was really amusing to see people falling for their classmates and some senior boys falling for the girls in my class. Teenage!

Those are the most memorable times of one’s life. Every emotion and experience seems so new.

This is the time when you start talking back to the very parents who taught you to speak.

You discover a new person inside yourself.

You fall for someone who is one among the ordinary people you meet in your life and one fine day, he/she becomes the special person for whom your heart flutters.And the whole world seems to be a happy place to live in. Now, why so many people seem special to you at this age is just beyond human comprehension. But then, if it keeps you in that rosy mood, who cares for the explanation?

And yea, this is the time when whatever the elders say seems like a lecture and we realize it much later in life that it all made sense, after all. That too, when you are imparting the same piece of advice to a younger sibling or cousin or your child. Everything that seemed reasonable at that age seems so crazy now.

Being at the other end of teenage, it is really enlightening to see that every teenager thinks and feels the same way irrespective of the generation they belong to.


arbit said...

Hmm....teenage days...crazy indeed...dangling between dependence and

Jagan said...

age of 11 ? ethu overu ...

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog when I googled for Sourashtra (because I am a Sourashtrian). I read all your posts...I envy you, for you have a very nice and elegant way of expressing yourself. Sorry about the accident and your broken tooth. Good luck with the future -Karthikeyan

VineethaAthrey said...

Ha ha..:))
Very cute post Dee!
Reminded me of all those teenagers years when I used to be the 'Agony Aunt' to so many of my love-lorn buddies!;)

Deepa said...

@ arbit

we were at the heights of craziness then.

@ jagan

today's generation!

@ Karthikeyan

Thanks a lot, Karthikeyan!
and thanks for your patience to read all my posts..

and yea.. my tooth is no longer broken. Long live my Dentist!

@ Vineetha

Ha ha... agony aunt??
hope ur advice didn't put your love-lorn friends into trouble.. ;)

kicha said...

first time here!

manithan maaravillai...

Ajith said...

Hey, Impressive!
Think u have got a point ...

Deepa said...

@ Krishna

hmm.. very true!

keep visiting!

@ Ajith

yup!sure,i have!

n thanks,Ajith!

athul said...

ha finaly meeting a scorpio girl ,never forgets and forgive .

myself too scorpio .
see ya

Deepa said...

Hey Athul!

nice too meet a fellow Scorpio!