Friday, March 31, 2006

Misusing your tongue.

This happened when we were coming to Chennai by train.

We were six girls and were chattering aloud. There was a young couple on the side seat beside ours.

I thought I heard them speak a familiar lingo and later realized that they were speaking Sourashtra.

The train left at 10.45 p.m and soon it was time to sleep.

The lights were still on when I was going to bed by around 11.20 (I was the last one to go to bed). I heard the lady on the side seat murmuring in Sourashtra, “Looks like they are not going to turn off the light for now”.

I heard what she said (the lady didn’t know that I could understand what she was saying) and was about to turn off the light when my friend said that she would turn the lights off when everyone is settled in their beds.

By then, the lady impatiently said “Turn off the light… turn off the light…” in a language that only I could understand among everyone else there. The tone and the words she used were so rude that I, at one moment, thought of telling that we would turn off the lights soon (in her mother tongue).

That would have been embarrassing for her and so I didn’t dare to do it. I was chagrined at the thought of how my friends would feel if they know what she had just said.

The best she could have done was to ask us politely to turn off the lights if she wanted it to be done so at the earliest.

People often tend to use their mother tongue to pass comments or say something that others wouldn’t find it soft on their ears if they do understand it, especially in places where that language is not spoken by the native people there or when the population speaking that tongue is very small.

Even the so called ‘educated people’ do it even though it is far from civilized behavior. As long as they get away with it without staining their garb of decent demeanor or hurting their ego, we can see this happen all the time.


pushkala said...

y jus trains yaar..!
it happens even in workplace..
more than often.. ppl resort to their languge...and they simply dnt understand wat impact it cld have on others around them!!
absolutely pathetic!

Deepa said...

Yea... But how to put an end to this?

crsathish said...

forgive them deepa. probably they should be singing nelly futrado's "turn off the light"

Jagan said...

I was wondering whta the lady said ? as in the exact words in sou ti say turn off the lights ..

Deepa said...

@ Sathish

singing that song in sou???

Deepa said...

@ Jagan

the exact words??
"diva mhauli va" ( 'lighta off pannudi' in Tamil)

I donno how anyone else wud feel to hear that from a stranger...but I felt that annoying.

Jagan said...

may b its had nothing to do with lights but 6 girls chattering ;-) ..u kno it can ge irritating at times :-p

Anonymous said...

Leave that young couple some space.. Think about a young couple just married... along away from family... nearing night time... what else did u expect her to say ?



Neo said...

:o) just read this n was really funny...
u guys were having long chat until midnite n should have atleast asked the co-passengers if they are getting disturbed coz u were talking n glowing the lights...(just for a courtesy)
this time it was sou ppl n u cud have very well mingled..r atleast a gentle hi..bye..
who knows how tired were they or in what frustrations were they on tat nite.. :o)

take it easy....JrD


(sorry if am unnecessarily commenting that too on some older blog..just got time today to read something):-|

ady24 said...

hi..i like d way u write

Anonymous said...

hi....the things you did is puzzle