Saturday, January 28, 2006

A day to look forward to.

This New Year began well… showing me the path to achieve my dreams. I found a place where I can learn music-instrumental and vocal.

I finally got allotted into a project on Jan.12.

I went home for Pongal. I met all my cousins and had a nice time.

I learnt to play violin from my 12 year old cousin, Ash. It was a thrilling experience to hold the violin and play Sa-Re-Ga-Ma … My another cousin, Srini to had begun his Guitar classes that day. I said that I am planning to learn to play Keyboard. My other cousin, NJK, too said she wanted to learn to play Veena. We all could see ourselves playing as a band before our families.

We were even thinking of our new names … Kodambakkam Aishwarya, Karaikudi Shrinivasan, Bangalore Deepa, Kalpakkam Kalpana… looks like the day when we all play as a band would be a day the world would to look forward to …


Vijay said...

Gr8 Deepz... My frnd in B'lore is going for Keyboard class. If you want to know where it is, I’ll ask her & let you know. Such things r real stress-busters. I myself was going to violin class till the day I started to Pune. I don’t find a violin class here. If I find one, I’ll definitely join.

And for your future plans in music, all the very best dear!!!

Finally in project huh… Gr8 and congrats!!!

Deepa said...

@ Vijay

Thanks Vijay!

And its ok, Vijay...The music class is very near my house here. Don take any trouble asking ur frnd.

Jagan said...

thts neat ..learning a music instrument ..ana matter enna na , its tuf to find time once u really get involved in projects .Hope u find as much time as u much as enthu u got :-)

Deepa said...

Hey Jagan!

Yea.. I do hope I can squeeze in my classes between my work. But then, if I don't learn it now, I don think I will/can ever take the initiative in the future. I have been postponing this for a very long time now.

Brain dead said...

hey deeps ,
thats good news.....hope you get the workload and knowledge you always wanted......

by the way, In what project have they put you in ?

arbit said...

wow...that's nice to hear. I also would like to learn an instrument, preferrably the carnatic mandolin. Maybe, I could also be a part of the team..:)

Deepa said...

@ Brain Dead

Hey Rajesh!

Thanks!!! i am working on Java struts and Perl...

@ Karthik

Sure Karthik! Ur Always Welcome to our team!