Friday, August 05, 2005

Lore of a Bang!

The lazy days are over!

Now is the time when I have to be ready to learn the laws of life.....and I know for sure that they will not be learnt at my liesure but will hit me like gunshots...bang! bang! bang!
And I wonder if I could learn a trick or two from Neo(The Matrix) to dodge the shots,well...not to escape learning the lesson but to learn it the painless way . that needs a lot of practice.

I have joined work in a reputed company at this place( if u had observed the title of this post a bit carefully, u wud have known this place by now) where the climate is cold, guys cool and girls hot .

More about the training life will come soon( I hope!)....keep watching this place!


arbit said...
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sud said...

hey deeps
great to hear that u r havin grt time....keep njoyin...